PCIe gen4 Switch Backplane 4* x16 - 5W - Mircochip Switchtec PM40084 PLX

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  • two SlimSAS 8i PCIe gen4 inputs (1 mandatory)
  • four PCIe gen4 x16 outputs - 5-width spaced
  • ideal for 4 large consumer GPUs in 19 inch
  • auxiliary PCIe gen4 x4 SlimSAS Port for NIC or NVME
  • Features a Mircochip Switchtec PM40084 PCIe gen4 packet switch
  • PCIe enumeration issues with different Mainboard Firmware is possible
    -> Server Platforms are usually OK
    -> If problems arise please contact your Mainboard vendor for a BIOS update
  • 101.6mm (5-width) spaced slots
  • 4 (2 mandatory) EPS PCIe Power connectors to supply 12V to the Switch and GPUs
  • 3D file can be downloaded here: https://a360.co/3uM1fLO