PCIe gen4 SlimSAS Host Adapter x16 to 2* 8i - redriver - AIC

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  • one PCIe x16 input
  • two SlimSAS 8i outputs
  • redrivers boost the gen4(3/2/1) signal and enable longer traces/links/cables or fix unstable/crashing PCIe gen4 links
  • this version uses 4* DS320PR810 redrivers - up to 16dB boost at gen4
  • NOTE the different chip and different gain levels compared to the DS160PR810
  • per lane configurable via i2c EEPROM
  • medium gain initial configuration will be setup (level 13, 12dB)
  • comes with an USB to i2c programming tool (one piece per order!)
  • can work in x16, x8x8 , x8x4x4. x4x4x8 and x4x4x4x4x modes
  • 3D file can be downloaded here: https://a360.co/3NBzb4i