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MCIO PCIe gen5 Device Adapter 2* 8i to x16

Regular price €60,00

  • NOTE: The "Top side signal connector" PCB variant will work in gen5 mode ONLY with my retimer Host Adapter, NOT for direct MCIO to Mainboard connection, due to signal integrity restraints. For direct MCIO connection on the Mainboard use the Bottom or Vertical style adapters with max. 75cm, better 45cm high end cables.
  • two MCIO 8i inputs
  • one PCIe x16 electrical/mechanical output
  • PCIe gen5 - high quality Amphenol SMT slot, 85Ohm PCB, optimal traces
  • Signal connector location has significant impact on Signal Integrity (Bottom is prefered)
  • the vertical model can be placed with single width spacing
  • can work in x8 mode with one cable (input near the power plug)
  • can work in x16 mode with both inputs connected (must be the same CPU host port and lane ordering must be 0-7->8-15, NOT 8-15->0-7, switching the cables will help!)
  • mandatory Power connector to supply 12V
  • DO NOT connect the wrong power connector, it will destroy the Adapter and your GPU!!!
  • 3.5A 12V->3.3V buck voltage regulator
  • 3D files can be downloaded here:
  • Top:
  • Bottom:
  • Vertical: