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MCIO PCIe gen5 Device Adapter 2* 8i to x16

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  • two MCIO 8i inputs
  • one PCIe x16 electrical/mechanical output
  • PCIe gen5 - high quality Amphenol SMT slot, 85Ohm PCB, optimal traces
  • the vertical model can be placed with single width spacing
  • can work in x8 mode with one cable (input near the power plug)
  • can work in x16 mode with both inputs connected (must be the same CPU host port and lane ordering must be 0-7->8-15, NOT 8-15->0-7, switching the cables will help!)
  • mandatory Power connector to supply 12V
  • DO NOT connect the wrong power connector, it will destroy the Adapter and your GPU!!!
  • 3.5A 12V->3.3V buck voltage regulator
  • 3D files can be downloaded here:
  • Bottom:
  • Vertical: