Now Available: PCIe gen4 PCIe Switch (PLX) Backplanes

PCIe Bifurcation Card - x8xM.2xM.2 - low Profile Adapter

Regular price €100,00

  • one PCIe x16 input
  • one PCIe x8 electical / x16 mechanical output (top)
  • two M.2 2280 slots (front/backside)
  • 22110 not possible on this revision
  • PCIe gen3 (for gen4 - special attention to signal quality is required)
  • BIOS support neccesary (Please verify your BIOS has the appropriate options available!)
  • 12A 12V->3.3V buck voltage regulator
  • A low profile card can be directly inserted into the riser and screwed into the normal mounting mechanism of a full height case
  • 3D file can be downloaded here: