PCIe Bifurcation Adapter Set - LOUQE Ghost S1

Regular price €60,00

  • Set of High-Quality 3D-printed Mounting Brackets and Screws for the LOUQE Ghost S1 with different Bifurcation/Slimsas Adapters
  • Case is NOT included!


gen3 x8x8:

  • PCIe-gen3 only!
  • required 90deg Slot PCIe Data cable is NOT included
  • Set contents:
    • 1x PCIe Bifurcation Card - x8x8 - 1W
    • 1x C-Payne Mounting Brackets, DAN_LOQUE
  • 3D Model: https://a360.co/3Xm2YAS


gen4 redriverless x16:

  • PCIe-gen4 capable with many mainboards/devices.
  • Set contents:
    • 1x PCIe SlimSAS Host Adapter x16 to 2* 8i - straight
    • 2x SlimSAS SFF-8654 8i cable, straight, PCIe gen4 - 85Ohm, 45cm
    • 1x SlimSAS PCIe gen4 Device Adapter 2* 8i to x16, 6-Pin PCIe (GPU) Power Connector
    • 1x C-Payne Mounting Brackets, DAN_LOQUE
  • Host Side 3D Model: https://a360.co/3EPGGgu
  • Device Side 3D Model: https://a360.co/3vAldpH